If you intend to build a small house, it’s absolutely crucial to plan extremely well the layout of the house! So we had to puzzle to get both requirements, a comfortable shower  and a relaxing bath top, in this small room, without it becomes too claustrophobic. My first request was to get enough natural light in the bathroom. The solution was to go for a large window and put the bath under it alongside the long wall.

We used about 4,6 square meters for a bathroom and the rest became space for a toilet. Further we worked with spotlights above the sink and shower. 
On the top we selected a led strip light under the bath, some 10 cm above the floor, making the space look longer. At the same time it brings warm ambient light when you are enjoying your bath. 

The spacious and high rain shower is hidden behind a gyproc wall, opposite the bath. The shower behind a gyproc wall requires a glossy wall tile and in a larger format what generates a multiplier and brighter effect. The floor tile of the shower has an anti-slippery finish. Further we used over the full length of the shower a drainage channel. So we don’t need to put a door or bath curtain, which I don’t like at all.

On the other side of the shower wall, we choose to put the sink. We did not went for a traditional bath room furniture, because we would feeling too heavy for this tiny space. The minimalistic Italian design of the sink  and taps give the bathroom a clean look. The French romantic mirror creates a warm contrast! The heating radiator is behind the door and next to the sink so that it can also serve as towel rack.

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