This human powered gym is ecological and as said human powered. The gym is inspired by the colors of the nature and built with ecological materials. By using generators connected on bicycles and treadmills, the gym is capable of feeding itself. This all is possible by harnessing energy from their members during training.

How does the gym works?

The machines contain generators activated by the movement of the pedals or treadmills. The energy generated can be stored in the batteries, which can be connected to converters to power various features of the gym.

This way the gym can actually earn money back from their utility. In addition, Green Power is equipped with machines that connect to your mobile phone or tablet, so you can recharge your phone/tablet during your workout. The solar panels are an additional natural energy generation.

The gym itself:

Green power is a large building surrounded by high windows, which allows plenty of natural light inside and brings you close to nature. The gym has a reception room, relaxation area, bathrooms and 3 large areas for training, which are fully equipped with weights and personal cardio machines.

The cardio area is divided by decorative panels giving everyone the privacy while working out. The areas are equipped of large screens, whereon short videos are playing.

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