The interior of the house creates a source of inspiration for a garden design.

The family unit consists of two young adults, who love sports. One of their wishes was to have a swimming pool and sport area.
The garden should also have an outdoor area to be used for dinners and representative meetings.

Technical report of the project

The property

The minimalist approach to home design attempts to create a single contemporary garden.
The straight, glossy lines that define the facades of the house in combination with lightweight materials create an elegant, aesthetically pleasing exterior that compliments the simple, modern design of the landscape.

The material palette of the project is minimal and understated with an emphasis on lightness. The white and grey finishes reflect the natural colours.

We started by replacing some of the olive trees, to have a different division of the space. From the entrance to the parking lot, a large open area was made, to create three aluminium carports with a sliding cover.

The garden is redesigned on different levels with several terraces.
Around the house is a terrace with pergola created, ideal for dining. As well as a large swimming pool with umbrellas and white sunbeds in a modern sleek style.
The second terrace is dedicated to the barbecue and lounge area with contemporary luxury furniture.
The third terrace is circular area with round seating and a fire pit, to organize cosy evenings with friends.
The last semi-circular terrace is isolated from the others and has two benches.
All terraces are surrounded by many flowers and shrubs, keeping the different areas private from each other.
The trees are located mainly at the end/border of the garden, to serve as a fence. There is also a tennis court in the garden, surrounded by trees.

This garden has been created with open and private spaces to have a quiet atmosphere.

The outdoor flooring and tiled driveway are made of Belgian Bluestone. As for the choice of plants and shrubs in the garden, we chose for a white, blue and grey color palette of plants. The color tone had to be calm and in harmony with the olive green color of the olive trees.
In order not to be too monotonous, we also added a pop of color with some pink plants.

This landscape is a modern designed but with an elegant look, just like the villa itself, ideal for a young couple.

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