Why shall I choose On White Design?

On White Design fully listen to your wishes and choices. Your preferences will arrive in our hands. With several years of presence in interior design, decoration, creativity, and constant updating for the latest interior trends, we will create the perfect space for you at the most economical price.

Can my space get designed without being in it?

Absolutely! On White Design ensures we capture all the details of what you want to achieve in designing your space. We are professionals and trained to understand the functional needs of the space. All we need from you are accurate room measurements, detailed photos of your space, and the time to connect to get to know you, your style, lifestyle, and preferences.

Can you do the project using my current furniture?

Absolutely! We can renovate your space by repositioning your existing furniture, integrating it, and suggesting new arrangements and additions.

How can I be sure that the result meets my desires? 

Through the targeted questions we ask you, we can understand to the fullest what you want from us. Besides, throughout the work, you have the unique opportunity to communicate, make choices, and direct work with us to create the space of your dreams.

How soon will I have my project?

You will be able to exchange all the information, desires, and requests you want with your designer in a private chat/call. At the end of this exchange, the designer will prepare your project. You will receive your project online wherever you are, without moving from your PC or directly on your smartphone. Save time and don’t risk styling mistakes!

How do I pay for my project?

You can pay for your project by bank transfer or Paypal.

Do I have to decide on the style for my project?

Only if you have a preferred style, otherwise it will be On White Design to propose the best solution for your space by analyzing your requests and your ideas.

What happens if I don’t like the project On White Design has to send me?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the project all you have to do is tell us during the different phases. We’ll figure out what’s wrong and modify it.

I live abroad, can On White Design help me with designing my space?

Yes! On White Design has no geographical limits. We design your space online, where you want & when you want!

I would like to fix up my bed & breakfast, does On White Design does this too?

Yes! On White Design has experience in the design of public places such as restaurants, bars, hotel rooms, and bed & breakfasts. Just ask us and we will give you a personalized quote.

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