The clients wanted to obtain a stunning house interior designed in the popular Japandi style, a harmonious fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity. Spacious, uncomplicated, and bright rooms were an essential requirement of the property. The color palette of this Japandi-inspired space is soothing and muted, featuring a combination of warm, earthy tones and cool, natural hues. Soft neutrals like beige, cream, and light gray set the backdrop, while accents of black, deep green, or indigo add depth and contrast. In this house, the Japandi style creates a perfect balance between simplicity and warmth, minimalism and comfort.  

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OnWhiteDesign has been a tremendous help with our project. They have a good eye for details and are extremely talented. They are able to address many problematic design issues and come up with a great solution. They are very easy to communicate with and was very thorough with our design. I would definitely recommend OnWhiteDesign and look forward to working with them in the future!
Tony Carrillo, owner of this property and client of On White Design

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