Bright and fun orange

The sun has been shining for several days now and our mind is drifting into spring modus. And so we thought, why should we not bring the beautiful orange color of the sun into our interiors?  It will feel a bit warmer, no?

“Orange” is not the color advice you expect from those who swear by white interiors and soft neutrals.
Still, we think this color is great to use in interiors because orange also brings a warm and energetic appearance.
Do you know that the color orange in the kitchen stimulates the appetite? And orange promotes coziness in your lounge or sitting area?

Besides the psychological characteristics of the cheerful color, orange has also the power to give your interior a contemporary look. We advise combining it stylishly with other power colors, such as purple or khaki green, and it will also match with white, beige, and taupe.



Saint Jacques hand-painted plate

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